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Free SFTP, FTP and SCP client for Windows
SIZE: 2.38 MB freeware 23 Apr 2009
Connect to SSH/SFTP just like a USB Drive. Simple remote access to Linux & Unix
SIZE: 2.51 MB demo 06 Jul 2010
Cerberus FTP Server
Secure and easy to use FTP server designed to use very little CPU and memory.
SIZE: 5.49 MB shareware 26 Aug 2009
FileZilla Server
FileZilla Server is an FTP server that supports FTP and FTP over SSL/TLS
SIZE: 2.34 MB freeware 22 Jun 2009
FTP Client Engine for Xbase
FTP client component library for Xbase uploads and downloads files
SIZE: 1.13 MB shareware 19 Nov 2015
FTPPro looks and feels just like Windows Explorer.
SIZE: 0.22 MB shareware 08 Feb 2016
SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet.
SIZE: 11.33 MB shareware 29 Oct 2009
Software FTP for putting online internet site
SIZE: 1.70 MB shareware 01 Nov 2013
wodFtpDLX.NET is secure FTP, SFTP, FTPS client .NET 2.0 component
SIZE: 3.17 MB shareware 22 Jan 2006
Nexus Terminal
Telnet 3270/5250/VT/ANSI/SSH/SSL terminal/printer emulator and ftp/ftps/sftp
SIZE: 1.97 MB shareware 30 Sep 2015
InstantSync FTP
One-click web site updates, file sync and remote backups over FTP
SIZE: 20.08 MB shareware 14 Apr 2014
InstantSync Secure FTPS/SFTP
Secure web site updates, file sync and remote backups over FTPS and SFTP/SSH
SIZE: 20.15 MB shareware 14 Apr 2014
BatchSync Secure FTPS/SFTP
Automated and scheduled file transfer and sync over FTPS and SFTP/SSH
SIZE: 20.36 MB shareware 14 Apr 2014
BatchSync FTP
Schedule and automate your file transfers and synchronizations over FTP
SIZE: 20.35 MB shareware 14 Apr 2014
SynchronEX File Synchronizer, Backup/FTP
Robust multi-directional file tree synchronization, backup, FTP, SFTP, DAV &more
SIZE: 1.62 MB shareware 26 Nov 2014
Results: 1-15 of 88 results.1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | next | last

Featured Software
FileZilla Client 3.5
FileZilla Client is a fast and reliable cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with lots of useful features and an intuitive interface.
Catfood FTP Wizard 3.02.0005
Catfood FTP Wizard - easy to use, powerful transfer of files and folders.
Ftp Client to Easily Transfer Files Quickly and Reliably
FTP Commander Deluxe 9.21
Cost effective, secure, reliable ftp client software
U-Upload Cart 1.7
U-Upload is a file upload FTP applet that runs in a web page.