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Learn fascinating words from the English vocabulary

Presenting PROF. YO's YO VOCAB HOME - a superior tool to help you to improve your vocabulary in a more complete manner. This is a terrific new software that will help you master the art of choosing the correct word, in the correct place, at the correct time!

YO VOCAB HOME offers you upto seven interactive Word games, to help you master your vocabulary to the fullest! The software is available in three separate GAME PACKS, each containing three game formats, as well as a MEGA PACK, containing all seven game formats.

The software comes with 1000 fascinating English words, all classified by Age Groups, Subjects, and Difficulty Levels. A powerful search utility lets you use a combination of various classifications, as well as an Advanced Search utility, to play your Word games.

You are offered various 'carry on' options after the end of each game, which allow you to repeat the game, play the game in another format, play the game with incorrect answers, play the game with the same criteria, or play another game with new criteria. You can also have a number of print options, such as printing Flash Cards, Snap Cards, Quiz Cards, and even a Performance Report, which will help you monitor your progress!

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Contains 1000 fascinating English words classified by Age Groups, Subjects, and Difficulty Levels.

Available in three GAME PACKS, each with three Word Game formats.

Available in a MEGA PACK, with seven Word Game formats.

Provides various 'carry on' options after each game.

Provides a Performance Report after each game.

Prints Flash Cards, Snap Cards, and Quiz Cards, after each game.

Prints the complete Vocabulary Index.

Prints the Vocabulary List and Vocabulary Count reports.

Prints a Pronunciation Key

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