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StrongDC++ is a client for sharing files in Direct Connect network. It is modification of program DC++ and it brings many news and features from other modification. Since DC++ is developed under GNU/GPL, you can download source and modify it.

StrongDC++ has been to designed to share a legal material only! Program developer isn't responsible for activities which the users use this software to.

Main benefits of StrongDC++

Safe segmented downloading
Download one file from more users simultaneously without corruption! This way of downloading dramatically improves download speed, especially for fast connections, and it's safer than classical downloading. Segment position ans size are decided by file size and chunks speed.
Partial file sharing
Allows downloading and uploading parts of file which is being currently downloaded by you or other users. This increases download speed and file expanding over network.
Download/Upload speed limiter
Avoids a full line usage and leaves some speed for web browsing. Realise, that download speed limit is dependent on upload speed limit which is dependent on amount of opened slots/hubs.
Automatic slow downloads disconnecting
Disconnects sources who speed is under certain value for certain time. If download speed during segmented downloading goes too low, the source is disconnected regardless the set value to avoid unnecessary slot usage.
You can set sounds according to situation, change color scheme or icons, show popup balloons, see emoticons and many more...

New in version 2.22:

better URL detection in chat
stability fixes - now it's almost perfect :)
removed detection of too many same numbers in share size
changed default URL to client profiles
fixed graphics on 16-bit color depth
tab key switching works in PM
ctrl+m userlist's shortcut to send PM
fixed losing focus in settings' tree
advertising NMDC TLS support
small memory optimization
added support for secured HTTP connections (https://)
changed binary prefixes to match standard IEC 60027-2
added extra slots for partial share
fixed copying folders info in filelists
don't bold queue tab when filelist/testsur is finished
alternate sources are added to queue even if autosearch is disabled
queue automatch downloads partial filelists only
unsuccessful partial filelist requests are removed from queue
temp target file is checked for its existence before download resumes
added TLS support for NMDC hub connections (nmdcs://)
changed to stable version of OpenSSL
improved partial file sharing chunk size
fixed displaying hub name in ADC userlist
fixed invalid state icon in TreeListViewCtrl when using filtering
fixed possible file corruption on crash
many other bugfixes (see developer changelog for details)

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