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Flight over sea
Sit back and relax as you fly slowly over the waves on a calm summer day!
SIZE: 1.64 MB freeware 18 Feb 2012
EarthView displays high detail views of the earth at day and night.
SIZE: 3.08 MB shareware 29 Oct 2009
Insom screensaver for those who have any form of sleep disorder.
SIZE: 1.86 MB freeware 25 Aug 2008
Eagles Kingdom Screensaver
Welcome to the eagles kingdom high in the mountains with magnificent waterfalls!
SIZE: 6.50 MB freeware 06 Mar 2016
Green Foliage Free Screensaver
Install this screensaver to forget about anxiety and irritability.
SIZE: 5.80 MB freeware 24 Dec 2015
Christmas Decoration Screensaver
Enjoy smooth and realistic animation!
SIZE: 6.74 MB freeware 10 Oct 2016
Lofty Mountains Free Screensaver
Look at your desktop and see the amazing views of the lofty mountains on it!
SIZE: 4.56 MB freeware 25 Apr 2015
Lake Clock Screensaver
Enjoy new free clock screensaver!
SIZE: 3.29 MB freeware 03 Oct 2016
Cowboy Ride Screensaver
Take a ride with a group of cowboys on the wild west!
SIZE: 1.78 MB freeware 03 Oct 2016
Happy Clock Screensaver
Do you like clock screensavers? If yes, this is your screensaver.
SIZE: 0.94 MB freeware 03 Oct 2016
Clock Mechanism Screensaver
New version of free clock screensaver.
SIZE: 0.59 MB freeware 28 Sep 2016
Sea Adventure Screensaver
This is very simple, but attractive sea screensaver!
SIZE: 1.19 MB freeware 28 Sep 2016
Box Clock Screensaver
Do you remember square mechanical clock with arabic numerals?
SIZE: 2.02 MB freeware 28 Sep 2016
Oceanian Sketches Free Screensaver
Oceanian sketches screensaver will definitely please your eyes and imagination.
SIZE: 5.29 MB freeware 14 Dec 2015
Hot Deserts Free Screensaver
Enjoy the vews of sun and sand from the hot deserts!
SIZE: 5.22 MB freeware 23 Jun 2016
Results: 1-15 of 2212 results.1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | next | last

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Abstraction Screensaver 1.0
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Bright Fishes Free Screensaver 2.0.3
Look at your desktop and see the amazing views of the bright fishes on it!