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Zenler Studio Pro
Create professional looking interactive e-learning courses with a few clicks.
SIZE: 102.96 MB shareware 01 May 2013
multiformat spectra viewer & processor for UV-VIS, IR, NIR, Raman, fluorescence
SIZE: 1.91 MB freeware 12 Oct 2015
How to create your own applications? Free tool for software development at home!
SIZE: 8.53 MB freeware 07 Aug 2014
Energy Costs Calculator
Free power/water consumption calculator. With many tips to reduce monthly costs.
SIZE: 0.88 MB freeware 23 Feb 2014
UberSmart Math Facts
A proven system for mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisio
SIZE: 4.87 MB shareware 01 Sep 2014
Teacher Organizer Deluxe
Database management software that helps you to organize school/teacher data.
SIZE: 7.16 MB shareware 09 Mar 2015
Career Igniter Resume Builder
Create a resume the easy way with our resume builder software.
SIZE: 0.93 MB freeware 22 Dec 2012
Pipe sizing, flow rate and pressure drop calculator for liquids and gases
SIZE: 2.03 MB shareware 03 May 2013
Learn Speak Japanese
It is very useful in improving your spoken Japanese and building your vocabulary
SIZE: 8.07 MB shareware 24 Nov 2012
Learn Speak French
It is very useful in improving your spoken French and building your vocabulary.
SIZE: 4.90 MB shareware 24 Nov 2012
Free one-click English thesaurus and dictionary
SIZE: 7.43 MB freeware 02 Dec 2007
Real Estate Agent (Realtor) License Prep
Easy State license exam preparation online. No downloads, no installation
SIZE: 0 Bytes commercial ($100) 07 Jul 2008
Bingo Card Maker
Create and print custom and random bingo cards
SIZE: 0.67 MB shareware 12 Nov 2014
Watership Planner
Deflect unproductive thoughts and keep you focused on the current task at hand
SIZE: 2.23 MB shareware 22 Jan 2014
School Calendar for Workgroup
A school calendar for assignment organization, project due dates and scheduling
SIZE: 32.24 MB shareware 17 Sep 2015
Results: 31-45 of 1686 results.first | previous | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | next | last

Featured Software
Mad Clock of Life 2007 4.6.2007.515
Very Funny and Cool Clock with a lot of interesting facts about space, body
Amy's Games 1.0.118
A collection of three great games for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers.
Power Text to Speech Reader 2.10
Read any text aloud on your PC or save as mp3 files
Korean HakGyo 2.1
Learn the basics of Conversational Korean with grammar and vocabulary.
Writers Block - Goodbye! 1.2
Writer's Block Goodbye! is a powerfully idea generating writing environment.