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Smart Pet Health Professional
Ideal for animal shelters and breeders! It will save health of your animals!
SIZE: 4.79 MB shareware 25 Mar 2004
Added Payment Amortization+
reduce term of loan and lower interest and also reduce the amount of interest.
SIZE: 1.20 MB shareware 13 Jan 2011
SIZE: 28.13 MB demo 09 Sep 2004
Cellular Essentials
Organize your phone book, handle SMS messages, create and edit all logos
SIZE: 3.43 MB shareware 13 Dec 2004
WMD SWAG PalmOS Bundle
Quickly analyzes your observations at a WMD disaster site.
SIZE: 1.23 MB shareware 22 Aug 2004
Financial analysis - professional
Powerful tool for evaluating business or portfolio performances.
SIZE: 3.73 MB demo 20 Aug 2002
Business plan & Investment Analysis
Business or investment plans financial performances evaluation tool.
SIZE: 3.55 MB demo 20 Aug 2002
Mit Web Shop MINI realisieren Sie im einen eigenen individuellen Online shop
SIZE: 0.82 MB demo 13 Mar 2005
The simple UPC/EAN/SCC14 barcode generator for the Macintosh.
SIZE: 0.63 MB shareware 14 Apr 2005
Alphabet Tabs with Smart filters for your Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder.
SIZE: 5.98 MB shareware 23 Nov 2004
WebNMS Agent Toolkit C Edition
Rapid prototyping and development Tool for building SNMP, TL1, and CLI Agents
SIZE: 19.09 MB commercial ($1000) 15 Aug 2007
Amicron Top-Faktura 7.0
SIZE: 8.90 MB shareware 20 Mar 2001
ActiCalc Desktop Calculator
Calculator with spreadsheet-like tape. One-click integration with Excel.
SIZE: 1.88 MB shareware 27 Mar 2003
Helps you stay sane by reminding you when to take a break and logging work
SIZE: 46.00 KB shareware 04 Feb 2007
Project Time Manager
Monitor how much time you spend on a project and the tasks that encompass it.
SIZE: 0 Bytes shareware 18 May 2002
Results: 6616-6630 of 6631 results.first | previous | 438 | 439 | 440 | 441 | 442 | next | last

Featured Software
Barcode Fonts for Retail Business
Barcode Fonts for Retail Business is a simple tool which operate very easily
Design Identity Cards
Design Identity Cards software generate printable ID Cards at reliable cost
Enhilex Address Book Software 3.23
A great address book software, cardfile, PIM, Rolodex and contact manager
Mixed Polynomial And Trig Approximations 1.00
Approximates multivariable functions by mixed power/trigonometric series
MDB2SQL Data Migration 2.3.38
MDB2SQL automates MS SQL Server support for MS Access-based applications