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service starter for delayed start of services

ServiceWatchdog, servicewatchdog.exe
Version 1.0, May 2007
Software by Carsten Schmidt

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What does it do and how does it work?
If you have problems with a service that does not start automatically after
a reboot because needed resources are not online yet, this software fixes
just this problem.
The name of this program is a little bit misleading but I could not come up
with something better. "Delayed service starter" would describe it better.

The ServiceWatchdog is started automatically after a reboot. After a predefined
time interval, this service tries to start a defined service. It will try to
start the service twice and then it gives up. No logs, event messages or other
information is written.

1. Install the service with the command "servicewatchdog /install"
Uninstall the service with the command "servicewatchdog /uninstall"

2. Start and stop the service in Computer Management. This creates the
needed registry keys.

3. Start regedit and select "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareCCSchmidtServiceWatchdog"
Edit the 3 keys according to your needs:
Servicename = service name of the service to be started (e.g. Clipsrv for
Interval = time interval between start of ServiceWatchdog and start of the
selected service in ms. Default is 300000 (5 minutes).
Active = run ServiceWatchdog or not. Possible values are "yes" and "no".
Default is "yes". (no surprises here).

Check that startup type of ServiceWatchdog is automatic.

Version history

Version 1.0, May 2007
First release

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