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Writing analysis tool, includes word frequency, adverb killer, Flesch score, etc

The Linguisticator is a tool which will help to improve the readability of your writing, improve the quality of your writing, and reduce weak or complicated writing - all with a single click, and at half the price of tools which can only do half as much.

The Linguisticator carries out a number of tests on your writing, providing a wealth of valuable feedback. This includes:

Word frequency

Ability to calculate word frequency, ignoring specific categories, including pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions and articles

Summary of top ten most used words

Adverb identification & frequency

General statistics, including number of words, paragraphs, average words per sentence etc.

Flesh Reading Ease score

Flesh-Kincaid Level

All of these tools combine to provide tremendously useful feedback to a writer, in one single utility, rather than having to use several separate tools, in addition to a calculator, and pot luck.

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