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K-Meleon 1.5.4 Review
K-Meleon is an extremely fast, customizable, lightweight web browser for the Win32 (Windows) platform based on the Gecko layout engine (the rendering engine of Mozilla). K-Meleon is free, open source software released under the GNU General Public License.
Download Times:
Dialup (56k) ~ 100 s
ISDN (128k) ~ 44 s
DSL (512k) ~ 11 s
Cable (1024k) ~ 6 s
T1 (1484k) ~ 4 s

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K-Meleon is a simple, fast, efficient Windows web browser that allows the user to completely control its look and functionality. Here you'll find a list of some of its more notable features.

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K-Meleon is the only browser that allows yo ...

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