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Judy's TenKey 4.5 Review

Award-winning tape calculator: Ziff Davis Desktop Accessory of the Year!
Judy's TenKey, winner of the Ziff Davis "Desktop Accessory of the Year," enables you to work faster and more reliably. Once you can see (and reuse!) the numbers in your calculations, you will never return to the default Windows calculator. If you're still using an old-fashioned desktop calculator ...

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Judy's TenKey 4.5 ( was downloaded & scanned by our team, against different types of malwares (like viruses, spyware, trojans, backdoors and others) and found CLEAN.

MD5 Checksum: 8eb94dfb94b28ce5c5e70b0922bcd594 (what's this)
NOTE: We rescan the software, on every release, and we can withdraw this award.